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SLC is designed to meet the needs of the whole child. With developmental goals in mind, we place an emphasis on enhancing your child's self-esteem, encouraging cognitive and physical development, and supporting social, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Meeting the Needs of the Whole Child

Your child will be Safe & Healthy

Sonshine Learning Center is a secure campus. All our doors are secure and locked during the day. Parents have individual door codes to access our building, all which are logged electronically. Security cameras are present outside, on the playgrounds, in the hallways and inside the classrooms. Cameras are monitored by administrators on both campus locations.  

All of our SLC staff have been thoroughly background checked and fingerprinted. SLC staff are experienced in early childhood education and are certified in CPR, First Aid, Food Handling and Safe Sleep.

SLC uses brightwheel in our classrooms, which allows teachers, parents, and administrators communicate through a secure platform. Teachers utilize this technology in the classroom to send parents updates about their child’s day as it progresses.

Incidents are documented with details of what happened and what care or consequence followed. SLC follows state sanitizing procedures for all toys, eating surfaces, and between all diaper changes.

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Your child will feel loved

At Sonshine Learning Center, we love to play, learn, and laugh! Our teachers develop lesson plans that focus on developmental goals for your child. Your child will be developing skills that will be needed for the years ahead.

  • Our infant room has monthly goals for each baby in our program.
  • Our toddler and preschool rooms have curriculum and lesson plans that include fun learning activities that enhance your child's self-esteem, encourage both cognitive and physical development, and support social, spiritual, and emotional growth.

We believe in creative and play-based learning. That means what sometimes looks like “just play” to adults includes important learning and social activities for children. We enjoy music, dance, movement and downright silliness!

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Your child will learn the love of Jesus

Our full day program is taught by Christian teachers. Time is provided for children to hear age-appropriate Bible stories, and stories that explore subjects such as love, thankfulness, and honesty.  Preschoolers have structured daily times to sing songs and learn stories, either from the Bible or modern life, to illustrate a truth or to help develop character traits that support the children to “grow in favor”. Children memorize Bible verses, and older preschoolers learn The Ten Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer. Preschoolers attend Chapel and Christian foundations of Christmas and Easter are taught. We are distinctive from many other childcare centers because of this focus on the spiritual nature of children and their relationship to God, the Creator.   

We share with each child several truths upon which our spiritual teaching is based. These truths are: 

  • God created each of us to be special. 
  • God loves us just the way we are. 
  • Each person is someone that God loves. 
  • We are to love God, our family, friends, neighbors, and all those around us, realizing that they too are God's creation and the objects of His love. 

These truths are exemplified daily through the example and guidance of our teachers, in blessings before meals and snacks, and in Bible lessons. Our approach is always positive and affirming for your child.

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At Sonshine Learning Center our programs are designed with the health and safety of your child as our top priority. Take a deeper look at our programs to learn more.

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Contact us to learn more about what makes Sonshine Learning Center a great fit for you and your child. One of our amazing staff members will follow up with you to answer your questions!

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