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Infant & Crawler (4 weeks–1 year)

We are excited that you have trusted us with the care of your new little one! To ensure your infant is prepared for their first day we have provided a list of items that you will need to supply and should be aware of. 

New Family Checklist:

  • Feeding schedule: We will need a written schedule of your child's feeding plan. Please update in the future when there are changes.
  • Formula, baby food and any other food should be brought in daily. 
    • We ask that all bottles are prepared before bringing them to the center. State licensing requires that all bottles are labeled with your child’s name and the date it was prepared.
    • if applicable, please bring a binky to leave at the center
    • Please make sure ALL pacifiers used at the center are labeled with your child's name. 
  • 2 changes of clothing (including socks) on hand for any accidents.
    • Please make sure ALL clothing is labeled with your child's name, including socks. 
    • Please provide plastic bags for the wet/soiled clothing to return home.  
  • Sleep sacks are OK; however, cannot be weighted. 
    • If applicable, please make sure to label your child's sleep sack.
  • A supply of diapers and wipes labeled with your child's name.